Here Are 10 Really Scary & Horrific Crocodile Attacks

Here we have 10 REALLY scary crocodile attacks, some included the deaths of people, others were close calls and that was enough to make those folks change their underwear afterwards. If you do travel to any of the countries mentioned in the video, please exercise caution when and if you are around any rivers, or lakes, you wouldn’t want to wind-up as a happy meal for a hungry crocodile.


Did you know…the deadliest crocodile attack in history took place during World II off the coast of Myanmar, on Ramree Island? In 1945, British troops clashed with Japanese forces as they arrived to construct an airbase. The British were eventually victorious, and forced some 1,000 enemy combatants into the dense swamps that covered some 10 miles of the island. When the Japanese soldiers staggered into Ramree’s mangrove jungle, they entered the habitat of the saltwater crocodile … the world’s largest living reptile. The creatures can typically measure over 19 feet, weigh more than a ton … and are noted for being hypercarnivorous apex predators. Drawn by the soldier’s sweat and bloody wounds, the crocs trapped the men in the confines of the swamp. Survivors told horror stories of countless crocodiles descending upon them en masse (on mass) … saying the animals would appear out of nowhere and drag victims off to eat. Screaming, and the sound of animal attacks filled the night air. Of the original 1,000, around 400 Japanese soldiers managed to escape the area. Guinness has noted the as the “Most Number of Fatalities in a Crocodile Attack.”


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