Watch As These Two Male Lions Hunt & Kill An Elephant

No, you read the title right, here are two full-grown male lions that hunt and kill a baby elephant. Now, where there’s a baby elephant, the mother isn’t usually very far away. Sadly, in the video below, the mother elephant is nowhere to be seen.

So, for all of you bleeding heart liberals that are so shocked to see a lion get killed by a hunter, this should perk you right up.

But, if you’re an elephant lover…then you shouldn’t even watch the video, because chances are, you’ll be crying your little eyes out within the first 30 seconds.

Lions are the apex predator in Africa and they are NOT “cute & cuddly”, as some environmentalists would have us believe. They are incredibly fierce and savage killers and if they’re hungry, then all bets are off. This time a young elephant caught their attention and it isn’t pretty to watch. These two males are the one’s that did the actual hunting, which isn’t usually how things work in a pride of lions.

The males usually lay about on their butts and make the females go out and do the dirty work. And afterwards, they step-in and take the biggest share for themselves (hey…I don’t make the rules, that’s just how things are).

But since it was males that did this hunt…you can bet that the females aren’t even allowed to come near this kill until the males are done eating. So, there you have it all of you “Cecil the lion” fans…male lions are usually, lazy, selfish, greedy and don’t share with others, their job is to protect and breed, not hunt.

But occasionally, male lions within the pride will help with the hunt, especially when there is a prey animal that is too large for the females to take-down on their own, such as Cape buffalo, giraffe and even the occasional young elephant.

But….this is how nature works, it’s savage and certainly NOT “fair”.


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