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Watch As 20 Pound French Bulldog Runs-Off Two Bears At Once

Someone forgot to tell this little 20 pound French Bulldog that he shouldn’t be taking on two bears at once. This is an old story, but one that I thought was worthy of re-telling again. Why is it that the littlest dogs, always seem to have the biggest balls, here’s the really funny part… this little dog was a FEMALE.  And we’re not just talking about one bear in this instance, TWO show up. Now, from all appearances, these bears look like they’re little more than cubs. But, where there are bear cubs…a sow (Mama bear) isn’t usually far behind. And as most of us know, a sow with cubs can be a terrible force of nature, especially when it comes to protecting her offspring.

Again…nobody shared that information with this little dog

What’s even more astonishing, is that this happened in Monrovia, California…that’s right…California. I was born in Covina, California and Monrovia isn’t all that far away from there and here’s the kicker…this occurred in “Southern California”. Almost the entire distance from the San Fernando Valley, all the way down to San Diego,  is literally almost all asphalt and track housing. So that makes this encounter all the more fantastic. This is an old story, but one that I thought was worthy of re-telling again.

KTLA-TV had this to say:

Dog Scares Off Bears: This Frenchie is no cheese-eating surrender monkey. A diminutive French bulldog bravely stood up to three brown bears who dared enter her yard last week in Monrovia, California. The video shows the bears meandering around the front porch and deck until Jules — 20 pounds soaking wet — spots them, and charges. The visiting bears– believed to be 1-year-old each– frantically attempt to escape Jules’ wrath.

One of the bears tries to meekly swat at Jules, but the brassy canine heroine perseveres, chasing him up and down the stairs until the terrified animal scrambles over the fence. “She wasn’t having it, you’re not coming onto her property,” homeowner David Hernandez told local station KTLA-TV. “She blew me away, I couldn’t believe that she turned into a wolverine,” he said.

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