An Ultra-Light 7.62mm Machine Gun The Barrett 240 LWS

So here we have the new Barrett 240 LWS machine gun…an awesome piece of American technology. And instead of me going on and on about this weapon, I have decided to place two videos in this article to do the explaining for me. One video will talk about the weapon and how the improvements were made to this model and the other video, will show you the weapon in action. I looked all over the web and try as I might, since this weapon is brand new and has not been battle tested, there are no current specs available for me to show you.

First we have a video that introduces the weapon:

And here below, we see the weapon in action:

Barrett is one of America’s truly great weapons designers, and the new 240 LWS from the company took the cake for change this year. The 240 family of weapons has been in service with the US military since the late 70s, and it was due for an overhaul. Barrett delivered one of those in spades. The first step was moving the trigger group forward 4 inches, something most of us didn’t think could be done. This instantly allows you to shorten the buttstock by 4 inches, making a more compact weapon.

The Barrett 240LWS is the lightweight squad machine gun that the company has produced to compliment the 240LW. The pistol grip has been pushed forward, buttstock has been shortened and with a shortened barrel to better accommodate length and weight reductions. Although the 240LW is the companies 7.62x51mm NATO GPMG entry, the 240LWS is the companies idea of an assault machine gun in 7.62, similar to the final concepts of what the M60E6 was supposed to be.


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