The Origin 12 Fostech: The Fastest Shotgun In The World…You Decide

The Origin 12 Fostech has the title (firing at semi-auto) of being the fastest firing shotgun out there today, but that’s for you to decide. Goodness knows, there’s alot of shotguns out there to choose from, so what makes this shotgun better than the rest ? Well, for one thing, the low recoil and lack of muzzle flip, clean and reliable running, good balance, and high capacity all add up to a competent fighting tool which is also much fun in use. The AR-like manual of arms allows paying more attention to the situation and less to trying to keep the weapon topped off with individual shells. Hard nickel finish upgrade is also worthwhile improvement to simplify maintenance.

I would prefer to use the standard box magazine that comes with it, but that’s just me. The drum mag for this piece just seems too bulky for my tastes, that is unless there’s a zombie apocalypse. These shotguns do have an impressive rate of fire, but along with that comes a hefty price tag. Coming in at $2600.00, your average working man would find it difficult to afford and a married man with a family, would find it rather difficult to talk his spouse into such a purchase, that is, unless she’s a die hard “prepper” like her husband. But, ignoring the cost…this is a really great weapon, watch the video and see for yourself.


  • Quick Change Barrel
  • Forward Charging Handle (NON RECIPROCATING)
  • Ambidextrous Safety & Mag Release
  • In-Line Detachable Magazine
    • 5 Round Mag w/Gun
    • 5,8,10 rounds magazines available for purchase
    • 20 & 30 Round Drums Available for Purchase
  • Last Round Bolt Hold Open
  • 3-Point Operational Trigger Finger Position
    • (Includes Trigger Operation, Mag Drop & Bolt Release)
  • Infinitie Gas Block Adjustment
  • Multi-Caliber Receiver
  • Metal Flip up sights
  • Hard Case

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