The S&W .44 Magnum & S&W .500 Magnum Go Head-To-Head

So here we have the S&W .44 Magnum & the S&W .500 Magnum going head to head, to see which one comes out on top. Since Smith & Wesson didn’t want to rest on their laurels, they created a new (and much larger)  handgun that could take the top spot away from the .44 magnum. At one time, the Smith & Wesson .44 magnum was the most powerful handgun in the world. Made famous in the 1970’s and 1980’s by Clit Eastwood in his “Dirty Harry” films. After the first film came-out in 1971, anyone who was anyone, had to have the S&W model .44 magnum (including yours truly).

Well, that was 46 years ago and now there’s a new bad-boy pistol on the block, made by the same folks that gave us the .44 Mag, Smith & Wesson. The .5oo Magnum dwarfs the .44 in every conceivable way. I like this video, because it truly shows a good comparison of these two titans.

This is what Smith & Wesson had to say regarding the .500 Magnum :

“In 2003 the gunsmiths and engineers at Smith & Wesson wanted to deliver maximum power for serious handgun hunters. The power they sought required an entirely new frame, the massive “X-Frame™,” and was the basis for the new Model S&W500™, the most powerful production revolver in the world.  This ushered in the era of the “big gun” and was only the beginning.   For ultimate power and velocity there’s nothing even close to an X-Frame model handgun. “

Here is what Wikipedia had to say :

“The .500 S&W Magnum (12.7×41mmSR) is a fifty-caliber semi-rimmed handgun cartridge developed by Cor-Bon in partnership with the Smith & Wesson “X-Gun” engineering team for use in the Smith & Wesson Model 500 X-frame revolver and introduced in February 2003 at the SHOT show. Its primary design purpose was as a hunting handgun cartridge capable of taking all North American game species.”


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