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Something Ate This Great White Shark Marine Biologists Say

What could possibly have killed a large female great white shark off of the Australian coast…was it a killer whale, or perhaps something much larger. Is there a super predator off the coast of Australia ? In Australia, Killer Whales are recorded from all states, with concentrations reported around Tasmania. Sightings are also frequent in South Australia and Victoria. But marine biologists are starting to wonder if there isn’t something bigger than an Orca, or for that matter, something much bigger than a full grown great white shark.

After a large female great white shark was tagged and set free, sometime later her tag was found washed-up on shore by a beach goer. There are some who have speculated that the possibility of a Megaledon is out there someplace, because that is the only animal that could do that kind of damage to a full grown great white shark.

According to an article at NEWSMAX:

“There’s a mysterious predator lurking in the depths of Australia’s wild Southern Ocean, a beast that savagely devoured a great white shark in front of cinematographer David Riggs 11 years ago,” the Smithsonian Channel stated. “Riggs’ obsession to find the killer leads him to an aquatic battle zone that’s remained hidden until now. Here, killer whales, colossal squid, and great white sharks face off in an underwater coliseum where only the fiercest creatures of the marine world survive.”

“According to National Geographic, the great white is the largest predatory fish on the planet, with the ability to grow up to 15 feet in length and weigh up 5,000 pounds. The shark has few known predators. Great whites, which can detect blood up to three miles away, mainly prey on sea lions, seals, small toothed whales, and even sea turtles and carrion, noted National Geographic”.

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