Man On Safari Gets Out Of His Car And Is Savagely Mauled By Lions

In this graphic video we see a man get out of his car to get a better photograph of a pride of lions and is dragged down and is mauled. I cannot stress enough, that while driving through a Game Reserve on safari, especially in Africa, DO NOT EVER get out of your car under any circumstance, or leave your windows rolled down !! In the last 18 months a woman in South Africa was dragged out of her car window by lions and killed in front of her family, while they watched in helpless horror. And it was all for the sake of getting a “better photograph” of the animals. As much as we want to believe that these beasts are “cute and cuddly”…they’re NOT, they are dangerous wild animals and are very unpredictable.

Now, regarding the video:

In 1975, Pit Dernitz was eaten alive by a pack of lions. Dernitz left his vehicle to film a small pride of lions, when an unseen lion comes up from behind him. He attempts to fend off the lion, but is unsuccessful and then the rest of the pride joins in on the attack. This unfortunately led to his death as he was eaten alive, right in front of his family.



H/T – Daily Mail

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