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How To Make A Silencer Out Of A Flashlight

If you ever wanted to know how you can make a silencer out of a flashlight, then this is for you. I found this while searching the web and I felt I should pass it on to all of you. Now, in some states (like Washington State), they do no allow for suppressors. Which means, you cannot have a suppressed weapon. The company that offers this, is called Preppers Discount. After going through their website, I found some really good stuff. Like all companies that offer certain products, they posted a disclaimer, which I encourage you to read. I am not advocating for the sale, and or usage of any illegal objects, or material. It is up to you (the reader), to make such distinctions.

This is from their Home Page:

Established in 2006 PREPPERSDISCOUNT.COM has been a fantastic source for the Prepper and Survivalist community offering a wide variety of unique and exclusive products. Since that time over 100,000 customers have purchased from us….and this means YOU’RE NOT ALONE!

 Whether it’s to protect you or your family from Economic Collapse, Government Shut Down, Terrorist Threats, FEMA Camps, Earthquake-Tornado-Hurricane Destruction, Solar or Nuclear EMP, World War, Nuclear Meltdown and Attacks or Food Shortage Crisis … WE ARE HERE!
There is strength in numbers and we support our community and our cause with your purchases here today. Know that a portion of EVERY purchase made here on our website goes to involve and enlighten others to our cause, funds research for new and exciting products and also supplies THE AMERICAN RED CROSS with support.
After 8 years we are finally in the process of rebuilding our ENTIRE site so please be patient as we work on all our pages and great products. Feel free to make purchases on products already shown and please come back soon for more updates and more great products as we add them!


H/T – Prepper’s Discount

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