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This Israeli Bandage Can Stop Bleeding Almost Immediately

This Israeli bandage is a phenomenal product that can literally stop bleeding almost immediately after application to the wound, it’s a new breakthrough in first aid. It is also fairly inexpensive, at only a of cost of $12.95. This is a product that I would recommend  for hunters and Prepper’s. You never know if a serious injury might happen because of an accidental gunshot, or other trauma, so this product just might save your life.

This is something that has the potential to save tens of thousands, if not millions of lives. The WoundClot bandage is a a new breakthrough in medicine developed by Israeli doctors. Watch the video and see for yourself how effective this works. Beneath the video I will post some information and a link from the website, so you can read all about it.

According to

The WoundClot Gauze, is a single use, sterile and bio absorbable medical device, made from regenerated cellulose, which can be fabricated into a variety of forms to suit a variety of wounds in the control of bleeding. The WoundClot is a water soluble gauze, based on cellulosic structure. Stops moderate to severe bleeding, by promoting rapid coagulation.

Upon application and contact with blood, the product’s molecular structure changes to form a gelatinous membrane, which adheres to the wound creating a mechanical barrier to immediately reduce blood flow. The product’s unique gel utilizes the hydration forces between the mucosal layer and itself which results in a strong physical attraction that leads to the adherence of the product to the tissue. The stronger the bleeding pressures in the wound, the stronger the attraction.

Next, platelets from the injury attach to the gauze by inter-molecular forces to form a stable membrane on the wound site, which is able to withstand severe arterial and venous blood flow for hours. This dramatically reduces the flow of blood from the wound. The liquid uptake capabilities of WoundClot is over 2500 times its own weight.


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