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Filipino Fishermen Find “Ghost Ship” & Looked Inside…It Was Horrifying (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

Some Filipino fisherman were out for a day of plying their trade, when they happened to come upon what seemed to be a deserted a yacht, floating on the water in a small picturesque lagoon, in one of the local islands . From all appearances, the boat was in rough condition, like it has been adrift for quite some time. After walking along topside, they could tell that the boat had been out on the water for a long time. So, after looking around above deck, they decided to go below…and what they saw would give all of them nightmares.

According to an article at

It’s hard to imagine the horrific scene two fishermen stumbled upon existing within the beautiful tropical environs of the Philippines’ southern coast, but that’s exactly what happened.


According to the fishermen, they happened upon a 40-foot long yacht with the name “Sayo” floating not far off the shore while they were fishing.


According to the pair, the yacht’s exterior appeared to be in rough condition, also with a broken mast. What they found inside, though, is something neither will ever forget.


When the two reached the boat’s cabin, which was partially submerged, they found tins of food, photo albums of the yacht owner’s wife, family, and friends, but they also found something that would be right at home in the most terrifying horror film.

Warning: The photo below is a graphic image that may be disturbing to some.


Alongside all of these artifacts, the fishermen also found the mummified remains of the ship’s captain.


After notifying local police, the fishermen discovered that the remains belonged to this man, Manfred Fritz Bajorat (pictured above), who was 59 years old when he died on the Sayo. The cause of Bajorat’s death remains a mystery, but many believe his slumped position next to the yacht’s radio suggests he died of an unexpected episode like a heart attack, and may have been attempting to radio for help.

Whatever the case, not only are the fishermen who found the boat going to have a scary story to tell…but they’ll probably have nightmares too. The photo of the plaque they found below deck seems like a ghostly warning. The plaque says: “This is a swell ship for the skipper but a hell ship for the crew.”


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