British Sniper Takes-Out 6 Afghanistan Insurgents With Single Shot

Yes, you read the title correctly, a British sniper killed 6 bad guys with one bullet .It almost seems impossible to believe that a single shot from a lone British sniper could take-out 6 insurgents, but it did happen.  No, they weren’t all lined-up one behind the other, they were spread-out next to each other. I know, you’re sitting there thinking that this has to be a big load of crap, but it isn’t, this really happened. Watch the video and then read the text beneath it, this video has over 12.8 million views.

Here’s how it all went down and yes, this has been confirmed by British Military Command:

“The British military has confirmed that in December 2013, a sniper killed six Afghan insurgents with a single shot. The 20 year-old UK sniper was defending a position in southern Afghanistan, when he observed what appeared to be enemy activity near a treeline some 850 meters from his sniper’s nest. After positively identifying the targets as enemy combatants, the sniper zeroed in on an individual carrying a machine gun. Unknown to the sniper, the target was wearing a suicide vest, which exploded as he was hit by the bullet. The blast was powerful enough to kill six insurgents, and the sniper was commended for preventing a serious attack on British forces.  It has also emerged that the same unnamed sniper shot and killed a Taliban machine gunner at a range of 1,340 meters earlier in 2013. The incident in Kakaran in southern Afghanistan happened in December, 2013, but has only now been disclosed as Britain moves towards the withdrawal of all combat soldiers by the end of the year.”

If you wish to read the story in full then click HERE.

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