Body Cam Footage Of Police Officer Involved In Shooting Of Suspect

The video contained in this article, depicts a police officer involved in the shooting of a suspect and may not be appropriate for all viewers, viewer discretion is highly advised.  Being a police officer in this day and age is a tough, thankless job. Given the political climate of the last 8 years, we have seen that it is the police who are under attack and not one specific demographic of the population, no matter what you see, or hear on places like CNN, or MSNBC.

These brave men and women do their utmost to serve the public and try and make it safer for us to go about our business. But, when confronted with a life or death situation, police officers have to make the call to use deadly force.

This was written beneath the video on YouTube Sept 26, 2015:

Grafton County, NH – Redacted police body camera videos of a fatal police shooting in Grafton County that were released Friday show a knife-wielding 41-year-old New Hampshire man running away from officers in July before turning back toward them when he saw that they were in pursuit.

Three videos taken from body cameras worn by the Haverhill officers — the two worn by Ryan Jarvis and Greg Collins, who confronted and shot Hagen Esty-Lennon, and a third worn by Sgt.Wallace Trott, who arrived at the scene a short time later — and a video captured by a dashboard camera in a parked police cruiser were released by the Attorney General’s Office Friday following a judge’s order.

The portions of the body camera videos that showed the shots being fired and the moments immediately afterward were redacted, but the entire encounter was shown in the video from the dashcam of the cruiser, which was parked a significant distance from the confrontation.

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