Believe It Or Not There Are Prehistoric Creatures That Still Exist Today

Seriously, there are several prehistoric creatures that still exist today and no, I’m not talking about Tyrannosaurus Rex, or saber tooth tigers wandering around Detroit. I’m talking about certain creatures that have managed to survive the eons and that are still with us even now. Some aren’t readily visible and there are those, that you see all the time and never gave them a second thought. The video I’m placing in this article, will show you all of those “prehistoric club” members that are still alive and well right now in the 21st century. On the scale of life on earth, mankind is still the new-guy on the block.

This is the description that went along with the video:

At its core, evolution is a weeding out process. Remove the weak and flawed and move forward with the best and fittest among existing species. For a species to have lasted through not only generations but across eras and time periods, those inside of that species have to have adapted within their present environment and preserved their existence amidst predatory threats. Humans may be intellectually advanced beings, but we never had to find a means of survival while dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Other creatures, however, did. And, believe it or not, some of them have stuck around to this very day. While we humans view ourselves as the predominant species on the planet, we weren’t the first one’s here, nor are we currently the longest-reigning residents of the planet. When you think about it, this list of prehistoric creatures that continue to exist into the present day features species that have lived alongside – and survived and outlived – some of the biggest, nastiest and most vicious carnivores to ever walk the earth. It helps that so many of the species dwell under water, leaving them safe from some threats while prone to others and also making them rarely seen and almost mythical in nature.

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