The 5 Most Horrific Shark Attacks Ever Caught On Video Tape

Here are the 5 most horrific shark attacks ever caught on video tape and I must warn you, these are graphic images which may not be suitable for all viewers.

Let’s clarify a couple of things first, sharks do no swim around looking for hapless swimmers to eat. Most sharks are opportunistic feeders and according to some experts, are slightly leery of humans. Most attacks by sharks, for instance by great white’s are a case of mistaken identity, especially if the human is wearing a diving suit with swim fins, or, when the person is on a surfboard. Watch the video and beneath it, I will place some good information from NOAA.

These are some of the most horrific shark attacks caught on tape, from sharks that attack surfers to divers, from great white sharks to bullsharks.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA):

Sharks do not normally hunt humans. When they do attack a human, it is usually a case of mistaken identity. Shark sometimes mistake humans for its natural prey, such as fish or a marine mammal or sea turtle, and most often will release the person after the first bite. The majority of shark bites are “hit-and-run” attacks by smaller species, such as blacktip and spinner sharks.
They mistake thrashing arms or dangling feet as prey, dart in, bite, and let go when they realize it’s not a fish. The “big three” species — bull, tiger, and great white sharks –are big enough to do a lot of damage to a human and must be treated with respect and caution.
In 2001, there were 76 recorded unprovoked shark attacks in the U.S., versus 86 in 2000. According to the International Shark Attack File, the numbers of shark bites from year-to-year seem to be directly associated with increased numbers of humans swimming, diving and surfing in the ocean.
More people are killed each year by electrocution by Christmas tree lights than by shark attacks. Think about the things you would do to minimize your family’s risk of being harmed by Christmas tree lights. You’d unplug the lights at night and never leave them unattended. You’d keep your tree moist to prevent a fire. Maybe you’d educate your children about the potential of electric shock if they improperly plugged in the lights.


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