Here Are 10 Terrifying Insects That You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Here are 10 of the most terrifying insects you won’t believe that actually exist. You might think that these creepy crawlers come right out of science fiction, not so, they’re real as the day is long. Here’s the worst part, not only are some of these quite harmful (and even fatal) to humans, there are some that will lay their eggs IN humans, man I get creeped out even thinking about something like that. To mention just a few of the bugs that made the list are; the giant centipede, the Japanese hornet, the bot fly, the hunstman spider , the Africanized honey bee, the cicada, the assassin bug, the Japanese mountain leech , and finally the giant orb weaving spider, which has the ability to kill birds.  Scary stuff right…well, watch the video and see for yourself.

The description below was beneath the video on YouTube:

“When it comes to bugs, we tend to get squeamish because they are creatures that are unique compared to other biological creatures. Bugs look like something out of science fiction with their multiple eyes and body structures. One of the most shared fears of bugs is spiders, known as arachnophobia. Their big bellies, large eight legs, and tiny fangs are enough to send even the bravest warrior into running away with his tail between his legs like a scared dog. But on the neater side, bugs are some of the most complex and most intelligent critters on our planet. They can form packs, they know from birth what to do to mate and protect their species, especially their leader. Bugs can perform complex tasks, proving that they probably have the ability to take over the world should they ever grow to human size. At the end of the day, our fears of bugs will likely never subside just because of how unnatural and creepy they look. Scientists have devoted their lives to learning about the anatomy of various bugs from harmless ants to poisonous bees and spiders.”

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