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The Proper Way To Load And Fire A Cap And Ball Pistol

If you are a new owner of a cap and ball pistol, then this article is for you. There is a video in this article and it’s produced by hickok45 on YouTube and it’s a veritable wellspring of knowledge. Years ago, when I was at Fort Bragg, a friend of mine purchased a replica of a 1851 Colt Navy .36 caliber pistol, so we went out and spent some time firing it. I have to say, it wasn’t just fun…but LOADS of fun. If you’ve never had the opportunity to fire one of these black powder revolvers, then do so. You can find them almost everywhere and they are relatively inexpensive and loads of fun to shoot. Lots of BANG and lots of smoke. In the video below, the pistol being used is a Remington Model 1858, .44 caliber.  Not to be mistaken with the Walker Colt pistol of the same caliber. Though the video below is 20 minutes in length, it is well worth your time to watch, especially if you are thinking of purchasing a pistol like this.

Enjoy the video:

According to Wikipedia :

The Remington 1858, also called the New Model Army, was a Civil War era revolver.  It was actually first introduced by Remington in 1863, with the name coming from the date of patent: 1858.  It was a .44 caliber, black powder, 6 cylinder revolver.  Like all of its contemporaries, the shooter had to individually load black powder and lead balls into each chamber.  Then, he would have to put a priming cap on the end of each chamber.  This was a fairly time consuming process.  These types of revolvers were/are known as “cap-n-balls” which referred the percusion “cap” that sets off each powder charge and the lead “ball” that is loaded and shot.  During the war, the Remington was not as produced or as common as the more famous Colt revolvers such as the models of 1851 and 1860.

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