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How To Properly Skin & Quarter A Wild Boar

The video below, clearly shows you how to skin and quarter a wild boar, a helpful tip if one ever gets in your sights. You should pay close attention here, because this guy knows just how to skin & quarter a boar hog. This is a very interesting and informative video and if it’s information and instruction you’re looking for…you’ll certainly get your money’s worth here. While living on a farm, I’ve butchered my fair share of cattle, I’ve never butchered a pig. But a wild boar like the one in this video, you can tell a certain amount of finesse & skill (coupled with a good sharp knife) are needed.

The problem with most people, is that for some strange reason, they think their meat comes from a super market. When you go to your local Safeway, your meat is all clean and placed in a Styrofoam package all wrapped in clear plastic. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth….someone has to actually ‘butcher’ the animal, that has been delivered from a slaughter house.

The video below is an excellent tutorial and if you plan on going wild hog/boar hunting.  Even though it might be a tad bit redundant…watching the video a few times, could only help you when you bring your first boar home, because you’ll know how to deal with it when you do.


I’m sure, that from watching the news, you’ll see that there seems to be quite the epidemic of domestic pigs gone feral, especially in the state of Texas.   Once a domestic pig gets into the wild, it doesn’t take long for them to go feral. And once a sow gives birth in the wild, her offspring are feral right out of the gate.

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Pigs, hogs, boars—they all wallow in mud, root around, and can destroy nearly any vegetation in their path. But what makes a pig a pig and not a boar or hog? Ultimately, there’s no cut-and-dried difference, because farmers, hunters, and regular folk all use these terms a little differently and interchangeably. However, “pig” usually refers to the barnyard variety, a wild boar is the kind that lives out in nature and is the ancestor of domestic pigs, and “hog” is used to describe larger pigs and boars. Technically speaking, they’re all of the species Sus scrofa and are biologically very similar.

All of this may sound confusing, but it’s really quite simple. Though there are some minor differences, no matter what people decide to call them, the bottom line is that every one of these animals (hogs, swine, boar, etc.) is just a pig. Those on the farm are domestic pigs and those in the wild are wild pigs.


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