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How To Defend Against A Frontal Choke Hold

This goes out to the ladies, learning how to defend against a frontal choke hold, could possibly save your life. We want to make sure that our female readers have as much knowledge at their disposal so that they can use it, if that ever happens. Here at Survival Nation, we’re always on the look-out for good videos. Those that not only entertain, but also, those that can help & instruct our readers. If I had a daughter, I’d want her to watch this video. As father’s & husband’s, we can’t always be there to defend our women folk. I did buy my wife an nice little Smith & Wesson 38 Special for Christmas. But there may come an instance, when there isn’t time to pull a weapon, so it’s best to know how to defend yourself in a situation like this. Anyway ladies, whether you’re married , or single, this is a good video to watch, it just might save your life someday.

Knowledge is power and that is what we here at Survival Nation want you to have. If you are able, then taking a self-defense class is always best.

This text comes from Personal Defense World:

A two-handed front choke is an extremely dangerous attack—especially if your attacker is larger and stronger than you. In addition to the immediate panic of not being able to breathe, it’s very possible that the choke could cause permanent life-threatening damage to your larynx or cause you to go unconscious. The key to defending yourself effectively is to react immediately and use the structure of your body to attack vital targets. To see & learn more click HERE.

Here is a video that shows you one method how to escape a frontal choke hold:

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