‘Dragons Breath’ 12 Gauge Shotgun Ammunition

When I think of ‘dragons breath’, shotgun ammunition is the last thing that comes to mind. But after watching the video contained in this article, I must say- I was very impressed. I never get tired of watching this guy who calls himself Professional Russian, even though his accent sounds like someone from Southern California trying to “sound” Russian. Whatever the case, he has put out some great videos with some awesome weapons and this one certainly does not disappoint. Technology has given us many great things over the years, but when it comes to firearms and ammunition…there is some tremendous stuff out there. Watch, as this guy demonstrates some of the many new kinds of shotgun ammo and it’s effect on a couple of dummies he has set up…it’s really something !

Here is a description of this ammunition courtesy of Wolf Hill Trading Company :

“Dragons Breath ammo is a highly-charged shotgun shell for 12, 20 and 410 gauge shotguns. This exotic ammo is a magnesium-based pyrotechnic shotgun round that emits sparks and at time flames, like a short range flamethrower which can produce flames up to 100 feet that not only will deter intruders when you are defending your property and family but they also make a great distress signal when you need to alert someone to your location.

This ammunition is not legal in several states so be sure and check your state and local laws before purchasing. Dragons breath ammo shotgun shell is loaded with magnesium balls that will produce about a 100′ muzzle flash and launch the magnesium up to 75 yards. It is designed to throw sparks, flames or a fireball that simulates a flamethrower.”

This ammo is not for close quarter firing, it is more for fun in an outdoor environment that is clear of any debris that can catch on fire or for use as a distress signal. Do not fire this round indoors!

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