British And American Troops Wipe Out Jihadist Night Patrol

In the video below, we see just what cooperation between British and American forces can do to a jihadist night patrol. There is nothing I like more, than watching a Jihadist fighter being sent to meet “Allah” in person. These animals thought that because it was dark, that they could sneak around without being seen, they thought wrong. In this particular video, British troops were getting close air support “with a little help from their friends” (the Americans) and together, they sent these Taliban scum on a one way express elevator straight to hell. Has anyone noticed, that when it comes to a stand-up, toe to toe fight, these soldier’s of Allah are NO MATCH for our guys ? That’s why they all cover their faces, they’re nothing but a bunch of cowards. The jihadist’s  in this video didn’t even see it coming until it was too late, now they know what the REAL meaning of “terror” is.

Oh, when they have a bunch of helpless captives in front of them all trussed-up and tied-down, they talk REAL TOUGH. But when it comes to a REAL FIGHT…they all scream like little girls and run like hell. As you can you tell, I have no sympathy for these barbarians what-so-ever. This is what we WERE doing to them, before Barack Hussein Obama changed the rules of engagement. If he had stayed the heck out of the way and let us finish the job in Iraq, there would be no ISIS right now. Yep…he snatched victory right out of our boy’s hands, by taking us out of Iraq the way he did. I personally feel, that every murder and every life taken by ISIS and the Taliban in the few years…can be laid right at Obama’s feet.

But now, after November’s election, we have a REAL president, who has promised to wipe these animals off of the face of the earth. And with “Mad Dog” Mattis as out secretary of defense…we’ll be seeing more things like this in the very near future.

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