Big Bullet Big Bang The Anzio 20mm Sniper Rifle

Talk about a big bullet and a big bang….that’s what you get when you fire this weapon. The term “over kill” just doesn’t seem to fit when it comes to this rifle. And I always thought that the Barrett .50 cal was the big-boy on the battlefield, I guess after seeing this weapon in action, I might have to re-think that opinion. Aiming to push the limit for precision fire from 2,000 yards to 3,500 yards, Anzio Ironworks developed the 20x102mm Ultra Long Range Sniper System. The Mag-Fed 20mm has familiar controls, optic placement and handling characteristics to an AR for max muscle memory retention to ease transitional training for experienced shooters.

But if you’re one of those guys that appreciates a large caliber rifle, then look no further. To have a closer look at this weapon, you can go to their website by clicking HERE. The Price, ONLY… $11,900.00 and  that’s a bargain!! Even though I am quite enthusiastic about this rifle, I can’t for the life of me  justify owning one. The hefty price would be one reason for passing it by, but realistically….what would you shoot with it ? One shot from this rifle would turn a 750 pound bull elk into a steaming pile of hamburger, so even though it a pretty cool weapon, there just aren’t any dinosaurs around to shoot at.

Here is a video on Youtube by that shows this firearm in action :


According to Wikipedia :

“The Anzio 20mm rifle is an American anti-materiel rifle designed and marketed by Anzio Iron Works. It is the first American anti-materiel rifle designed and mass produced for public sale with a bore diameter in excess of .50 caliber in over 80 years. The rifles are available in three chamberings: 20mm Vulcan (20×102mm), 14.5×114mm, and most recently Anzio’s own proprietary caliber 20/50 . The rifle’s predominant chambering is the 20mm Vulcan caliber.”

I suppose, that if I were to win the Powerball Jackpot, I might consider picking one up, but I would have to have a custom built shed to store it in. I guess for now, I’ll stick with my Lee Enfield .303 cal rifle.


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