Bear Release That Goes Sideways Very Quickly

When you release a bear back into the wild, there’s a right way and a wrong way…this instance shows the latter. In the video below, you’ll see a sow and her cub that get released , but it went sideways very quickly once they emerge from containment. One of the very first things that you’ll notice about this particular bear release is- there are too many people around.

What rocket scientist in his/her infinite wisdom, thought of having all of these people around was okay ? Especially in a tense moment such as this, when you KNOW the bear isn’t exactly going to be in the best of moods to begin with. This occurred around North Lake Tahoe back in September of 2015 and everything that could have been done wrong…was. Normally when an animal, a deer, wolf, mountain lion, or a bear, is captured and released back into the wild, smart forest service agents would not allow a group of onlookers to tag along. Releasing a large predator back into the wild, is a dangerous enough task all by itself. But when you throw 10 to 20 civilians into the mix, that’s just adding fuel to the fire.


According to OUTDOORHUB :

“At release time, some agencies will have noisemakers and dogs on-hand to give the animal one last scare. The objective here is to make its last encounter with humans as negative as possible. Hopefully, that will reinforce the animal’s natural fear of humans and make it less bold in the future. Karelian bear dogs, which are highly specialized in hunting bears and dominating the animals with its loud bark, are a popular choice for this.Unfortunately, sometimes even a few days in a bear trap is not enough to calm the critter down. This can be especially true of sows that are captured along with their cubs. Stressed, agitated, and overprotective of their young, these bears may react badly during their release.”

I think it is safe to say, that this particular bear release was truly a negative experience, for both mother and cub.


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