A Perfect Example Of Why You Shouldn’t Take A City Girl Hunting

If you are looking for the perfect reason as to why you shouldn’t take a woman hunting….then the video below is for you. If you do go hunting with a woman, it’s always best if she’s an outdoors person like yourself. But why on God’s green earth would anyone take a “citified” gal out with them on a hunt….you’re just BEGGING for trouble. While I have known a couple of women in my life who could handle the outdoors pretty well, there were several others who could not. Me personally, I’d never take a wife, or girlfriend hunting with me, unless I knew they were familiar with the outdoors and how to conduct themselves. Watching this particular video, after about 2 minutes, most guys would be at their limit and I’m quite sure there would be a few colorful “expletives” being said.

Here is who the couple in the video really are:

Jeff and Heather LaCroix are Internet sensations who produce fishing and shooting related videos on YouTube for a living. Here they talk about how and why they got started in what many would consider a dream home business. The ins and outs of making popular videos that pay off using the YouTube partner program is touched on but this is also a story of a family pulling together to make ends meet.

Heather plays on her ‘assets” as a good looking woman should and Jeff…well he’s behind her all the way. And after all…isn’t that what a family is supposed to do ? The majority of their videos go viral and if you’ve ever seen Heather in a bikini, you can understand why. But, it’s not all skimpy bikinis….not by a long shot ! Heather is a very smart woman, who is also just a good old fashioned country girl and it certainly comes across in all of their videos.

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