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Early Warning Systems for Survival

When in a survival situation, intruders are always a major concern.  This could be looters, military, or just kids looking to vandalize a house.  Having a home defense system is important, but early detection is the key to protecting your home.  Unfortunately, this applies to everyday life as well.

Home intruders are a major concern 24/7 in this country. The US averages about 3.6 million home invasions, and about 30% of them happen with somebody home.  The average loss is about $2,300, and they most often happen during the day when somebody is at work.  So what can we do about it?

If you are alerted of an intruder, you have a few options for actions you can take.  The best plans involve a combination of these actions.  Here are steps you could take when alerted of an intruder:

  • Gather your family in a secure room. Pick a location that can only be entered from one direction.  Pay special attention to children, the elderly, or the disabled as they will need extra help.
  • If you have a weapon, get it ready. This could be a firearm or even just a blunt object.  You have to plan for the worst and hope for the best.  Always assume that intruders mean you harm.
  • Contact the authorities if possible. Ideally, you should have somebody other than yourself designated to call 911 in this situation.  If this is a large scale survival situation, you may need a neighbor to contact in place of the police.
  • Focus on a choke point. You want to have a narrow channel between you and the intruder. Hallways and staircases are great for this.  It forces the intruders into a small, exposed area allowing you to easily defend your family.  It also is one of the few situations where one person can defend against multiple intruders as they are forced into a one on one situation.

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