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Christmas Chaos: Mall Riots Across the U.S. in Planned Attacks

Large scale chaos, fights, and mini riots broke out in at least ten states in what looks to be planned attacks on American Malls. Fights broke out Monday at least fourteen different malls throughout the country, causing many of them to evacuate customers and close their doors at the height of one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

At least 14 malls were shut down due to fights, caused by teenagers who looked to be purposely causing chaos, confusion, and terror inside the malls. While the media is claiming that these fourteen separate events, which all took place within hours of each other, are unrelated, many are pointing to the fact that these events spread like wildfire on social media and may have been planned by young inner-city gangs.

Second Year of Planned Attacks?

Thousands of black middle school and high school aged thugs turned shopping malls into virtual war zones as fights broke out throughout the country. While the fake news organizations throughout the country are reporting that these events are “random,” and not part of a larger coordinated action to spread chaos throughout the country, what the FAKE NEWS Networks are not telling you, is this same thing happened on the same day last year. Of course, when those events happened we were accused of spreading hate, simply by reporting on the facts!

We are living in a world where the thugs are excused for their actions, and anyone who dares point out the facts is viciously smeared by the media, who is in my opinion, allowing and even condoning these types of terrorist events.

It started on social media, with postings promising a brawl at Tow Center Mall in Aurora, Colorado. Aurora Police Department spokesman Sgt. Chris Amsler said about 100 people gathered in the food court before the brawls broke out throughout the mall.

In the end, Aurora police estimate 500 people were involved in the chaos.

Police Teams Swarm Fox Valley Mall in Aurora, Illinois

In Aurora, Illinois, dozens of officers were dispatched to Fox Valley Mall after hundreds of teenagers started fights and intimidated shoppers. The mall was evacuated and had to close early after the fights intensified and people started throwing bottles at security officers.

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