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You better have a plan “B” when it all falls apart or you may not survive!

Having a plan is good, but having a backup plan is critical!  Most of us know from our everyday life that things seldom go as planned and that will also be even truer when the world falls apart.  You need to be ready with a backup plan and this is the topic of today’s post so grab a cup of coffee and have a seat while we visit.

All Preppers have a plan and they prepare based on that plan.  The thing is that many Preppers stop there and don’t take the time of effort to come up with a plan “B” or “C” or even “D”.  They base their preps on the idea that things will go a certain way, but what happens when things don’t work out like you planned?

You see, I know several Preppers who I talk to from time to time that insist that the little cabin in the woods they have will see them through anything so they don’t see any reason to plan for anything else.  I can’t help but wonder what they would do if they had to bug out to their cabin and then be faced with a Forest Fire or flood for example?

They would be forced from their home and would have to flee the area. The same area where all of their preps are; you know, the ones they thought they would never have to leave behind? The ones they swore they would die to defend are now a thing of the past and they are faced to surviving in a world gone mad with nothing but the clothes on their back in some cases.

Then what will you do?  No matter where you live, the chances of having a plan “B” and never needing it is slim at best.  That’s just how life works and you need to be ready for it.  Take the time now to create a plan “B” and maybe a few more just to be safe.

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