5 Strategies To Survive In The City When SHTF

When we think of survival and disaster preparedness the images most people conjure up are basically rural. Preparedness is all about being ready to harvest the essentials from the land, and there’s a distinct echo of pioneer families about it all. But is this realistic? The latest figures, from 2015, show that 82% of Americans now live in urban areas. If you’re one of them, being ready for the worst brings a whole new set of challenges with it.

In rural America space equals time. People are more spread out, and that buys time in all sorts of ways. Civil disorder will take longer to spread, giving you time to prepare. You probably stockpile essentials anyway, rather than buying them a few times a week from the convenience store, so you have at least some reserves to fall back on. In a city it’s different. You’re in close proximity with thousands or millions of other people, and things are a lot more precariously balanced. If the SHTF in a city it’s going to do it fast, and you need to be able to react fast to stay ahead of events.

If law and order is falling apart around you, and you’re trying to work out what to do, it might be too late already. You’ve lost the initiative and you’ll really struggle to get it back. Preparedness is always a benefit in a survival situation but it’s vital for urban residents. Here are some of the key things you need to work out in advance:

If disaster strikes when your family are all together that’s great – but what if it hits during the day, when people are scattered at work and school? Your first priority is getting yourself and your loved ones together, so you can look out for each other and start working on whatever you plan to do next.

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