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Very strong earthquakes off California and off the Solomon Islands near Australia have triggered a vast array of Tsunami Warning Buoys in the Pacific Ocean into “ALERT MODE” indicating Tsunami Waves are traveling through the ocean toward coastlines of Hawaii, Alaska, The west coast of North America as well as toward Australia, New Zealand and Japan!

Twenty-Two Tsunami warning buoys from the National Data Buoy Center are now showing ALERTS; spanning from the Solomon Islands near Australia, to Hawaii, all along the Aleutian Island Chain in Alaska and just off the west coast of California.  This is an unprecedented number of Tsunami Buoys in warning mode and it signals danger to persons on the coastlines of these areas.

Here’s what the National Data Buoy Tsunami Alert map looks like as of 1:50 PM eastern US time on December 8, 2016:

To view the LIVE buoy data yourself, directly from the National Data Buoy Center, click HERE.

This is a major emergency and persons along the coastlines must be ready to evacuate to higher ground very quickly.  Please keep close watch on these events.

A VERY strong magnitude 6.8 earthquake (now re-calibrated lower to 6.5) has struck California in the Pacific Ocean at the dangerous “Cascadia Subduction Zone” 157 km west of Ferndale, CA.  This is the exact area where “the big one” will begin if it happens, and a 6.5 quake can trigger it!

According to the US Geological Survey, the quake struck at 9:50 AM eastern US time  (0650 local time) at a very shallow depth of only 12 km.

Initially a Tsunami concern existed but the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has reported NO TSUNAMI from this earthquake.

There is grave danger that today’s quake may be a “foreshock” and that it signals the coming of a much stronger, horrific, earthquake, within the next few days.   Such a catastrophic quake can now be triggered in the Cascadia subduction zone because today’s quake has destabilized the region.

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