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Preparedness Alert: School Kids and Citizens Being Targeted for Supporting Donald Trump

If you have kids in school or have been vocal about your support for Donald Trump, you need to be aware that there are a number of groups calling for targeted attacks and killings of those who supported, voted for, or voice their support for our new President.

At schools throughout the country, kids who have voiced their support for our new President are being targeted in vicious attacks and acts of intimidation. In a racially charged attack at a school in Woodside California, a female student was viciously beaten by a group of thugs after she voiced support for Donald Trump.

The family told KTVU, the female student had expressed support for Donald Trump on her Instagram account on the night of the election saying “I hope he wins.” During a break at school the following day, the student says she was randomly attacked. The girl’s father said the attack against his daughter was politically motivated.

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