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Leaked Photos Show Mexicans Overcome U.S. Border Security with Only a Raft

Mexican drug cartel smugglers continue to penetrate the porous U.S. border with almost complete impunity. A series of leaked images obtained exclusively by Breitbart Texas reveal the moment when a group of smugglers operating in Los Zetas cartel territory are able to use rafts to move across the Texas border.

The images were taken by law enforcement officers in the area between Del Rio and Laredo, Texas. The black and white images taken at night show the moment that three suspected smugglers approach the river to get on a raft.

The images depict how the men were able to use the raft to move cargo across the waters of the Rio Grande. Breitbart Texas has reported in the past regarding lack of border security in the area, which has made the location a prime smuggling corridor for the Los Zetas cartel.

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