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Choosing a commercial bug out bag

A bug out bag should be loaded with all the essentials that enable you to survive for more than three days.  Since making a bug out bag requires some serious thought and planning, there are those who prefer buying a pre-packed, commercial bug out bag. If that is the case here is what you should know before making a purchase.

Although I prefer to customize my survival bag, based on my skills and needs, there are people who prefer to buy a pre-packed bug out bag to avoid the struggle of planning every single detail of their bugging out plan. I somehow understand this and I think that going this way is still better than not being prepared at all.

If you plan to buy a commercial bug out bag, here are my recommendations based on the items I’ve seen on the market. Before you buy the bag you assume would be ideal for you, make sure it covers the following essentials.

1. The bug out bag you plan to buy should cover all the majors needed for survival. It should contain items for each of the following survival categories: water, food, shelter and fire. All the items included should meet a minimum 72 hour requirement. This is a must for every survival bag and if the model you picked is missing something or it is short packed, you should look for something else.

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