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California bans 10-round Mags, Makes Buying/Using Ammo Almost Impossible to do Legally

While many were celebrating last night’s Presidential win, counting on Donald Trump to help strengthen the 2nd amendment, a number of states passed some of the most idiotic gun control measures we’ve seen yet.

Washington, California, and Nevada all passed ridiculous gun-control laws that go directly after law-abiding gun owners.

In Nevada, Billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Question 1 mandate narrowly passed, making it illegal to lend a friend a firearm in the State of Nevada without running your friend through a criminal background check. While the liars who proposed this bill claimed it would not affect hunters or recreational shooters, the simple act of lending your friend a firearm before you get to an area where hunting is legal could land you in jail for 364 days.

The exceptions in the initiative are so narrow that law-abiding gun owners could be turned into criminals, unknowingly.  For example, a firearm can be borrowed to shoot at an established shooting range; however, that same activity away from an established range such as BLM land is not authorized and would constitute an illegal transfer. To top of the craziness, the ballot initiative never specified what the term “established shooting range” means, or how a shooting range can legally operate under this mandate.

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