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UNDERCOVER VIDEO: Democrats Admit To Inciting Violence And ‘Anarchy’ At Trump Rallies

An undercover investigation by Project Veritas is showing the dark underbelly of the Democratic campaign machine, and the depths to which some organizations will sink to elect Hillary Clinton.

According to James O’Keefe, the investigation has uncovered evidence of a “dark money conspiracy”, a violation of federal campaign co-ordination laws between Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and a variety of shady SuperPACs and consulting firms.

Project Veritas explains their investigation:

Project Veritas Action has just released the first video in a multi-part series which exposes the dark secrets at the highest levels of the DNC and Clinton presidential campaign. Using hidden cameras,undercover journalists reveal key players coordinating clandestine operations in support of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The video, supported by emails recently released by WikiLeaks, shows that the dirty tricks, lines of communications and the money trail lead all the way to the top.

The video discloses numerous examples of behind-the-scenes shady practices with consequences most Americans have seen on national television at Donald Trump campaign rallies across the country. What the media hasn’t reported is that the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee has been directing these activities with, at very best, a very thin veil of plausible deniability. This series of videos is the culmination of a year-long investigation by the undercoverjournalists at Project Veritas Action.

Included in the undercover video is evidence of dirty tricks including what is known as “birddogging”, or infiltrating Trump campaign events in order to incite anarchy and violence.

The practice of birddogging is best summed up in an exchange between a Project Veritas Journalist and Scott Foval, the National Field Director for a non-profit organization named Americans United for Change:

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