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When Survival Depends on What’s in Your Backpack

What’s in your backpack?

If you’re Lonnie Dupre, it’s about 60 pounds of survival essentials.

“Trying to carry 19 days of supplies isn’t easy—it requires a hard look at everything you’re carrying,’’ says Dupre, the legendary Arctic explorer and mountaineer who in 2015 became the first climber to complete a January solo summit of Alaska’s Mount Denali.

The Rolex Laureate left his Minnesota home last weekend for a five-week expedition to the Himalaya, where he’ll be part of Vertical Nepal, a six-person climbing team attempting the first ever ascent of 20,885-footLangju in the remote Tsum Valley. When he returns in mid-November, he’ll prepare for a first ever winter assault of Alaska’s Mount Hunter.

Climbing light is essential for the 150-pound Dupre, who plans to max out a 60-pound backpack going up Mount Hunter, considered among North America’s most difficult 14,000-foot peaks to scale.

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