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In a Montana Bear Attack, Lessons on Hope, Survival and First Aid

A 50-year-old man was attacked by a bear in the wilderness of southwest Montana. Alone and injured, he walked — then drove — for miles to save himself.

How did he do it?

The man, Todd Orr, said he was scouting for elk in a mountainous valley on Sept. 30 when he was attacked twice by a female grizzly. Bleeding, stunned and suffering a cracked bone and deep gashes, Mr. Orr said he hiked through the woods for miles to reach his truck.

In a gory video that had been viewed more than 37 million times by Thursday, Facebook posts describing the maulings and a new website that allows the public to track his recovery, Mr. Orr, 50, offers insights into the psychology of survival.

While few people will encounter an angry bear in their lives, those in the business of first aid and extreme survival said his social media imprints invited general reflection: When someone finds themselves isolated, injured and bleeding, what should he or she do to survive the lonely trek in search of medical help?

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