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Homemade Survival Gear and Tools

Immediately after you find yourself in a dangerous situation, most people think first about how they’re going to defend and protect themselves. Often, the situation will give you little leeway and there’s an even smaller chance that you just happen to have the proper resources within reach. This is why having the basic knowledge and skills to make homemade resources is important.

The beauty and advantage of knowing how to make several things such as weapons and gear are that you have as many of them as you can make. This suggests an unlimited armory. Depending on your skills, you may even manage to make quality gear and weapons that can last longer than those you normally buy from a store.

To help you gain a basic understanding, here are a few homemade survival gear and tools that you can make on your own.


The knife is one of the most basic survival weapons that you should have in critical situations. Having something to help you protect yourself will help lessen your worries. A knife in hand gives you the advantage of not being completely helpless and vulnerable. While some people may have gotten the chance to visit a reputable store and purchase a good knife, you may not have gotten around to that yet.

But worry not. Here’s a quick list of tips on how to make your own knife from scratch:

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