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Creation Scientist Wins Lawsuit Against State of California

In 1994-96, I attended the graduate school at the Institute of Creation research in Santee, California. I was pursuing a Master’s Degree in Biology. While there, I met a fellow student by the name of Mark Armitage.

Today, Mark refers to himself as a Micro Specialist, but he’s also an expert on many types of microscopes and taking photos with them, including electron microscopes. More importantly, Mark is a Christian and a young earth creationist as am I.

Their significance is proof that diamonds don’t take millions of years to form. The particular polonium radio haloes Mark photographed occur at certain stages of the radioactive decay of each stage of the polonium isotopes. In this case, those particular haloes found in the diamonds occur in an extremely short period of time, meaning that the diamonds formed quickly, not over millions of years. Mark took photos via a research microscope of polonium radio haloes in diamonds.

Mark obtained a job at California State University, Northridge, running their microscopy lab. CSUN is a state run secular university.

Mark is also a fossil hound and has been on a number of dinosaur fossil digs. When he gets back to the lab, he searches to see if there is any soft tissue or evidence to show that the dinosaur fossils are not millions of years old. On one particular dig, Mark recovered a 48-inch-long Triceratops horn, in which he discovered soft tissue.

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