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CLINTON CONFUSION: Bill says ‘I’ve tried to run for her on her behalf’

Who’s running for president in 2016: Hillary Clinton — or Bill?

During a campaign appearance in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday, Bill Clinton misspoke and claimed he was running for president.

Talking about the “Stronger Together” campaign slogan, Clinton said, “Think about this when you wander out today.

“That slogan is not just about politics. It’s about a way of thinking and a way of living. And I really believe that’s what this is about.

“I’ve tried to run for her on her behalf when I’ve gone around on my little bus tours around rural Iowa and rural Ohio and I’m gonna do one in western Pennsylvania. I’m about to go to north Florida and do one,” Clinton said.

Arguably, Bill Clinton is operating more like the actual candidate, which may account for his slip.

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