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Clinton attends Adele concert, singer says ‘I am 100%’ for her

With Hillary Clinton in the audience, singer Adele told her fans at a Miami concert Tuesday night not to vote for Donald Trump.

“Don’t vote for him,” the Grammy Award winner said on stage, according to a Clinton aide. “I can’t vote but I am 100% for Hillary Clinton, I love her, she’s amazing.”
The British singer acknowledged that America’s next leader will have global influence.
“I am English, but what happens in America affects me, too,” Adele told the crowd.
The singer has made similar statements praising Clinton and criticizing the Republican nominee before on other stops of her tour, though never before with the Democratic presidential nominee in attendance.
Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway criticized those who praised Clinton attending Adele’s concert but slam Trump for attending his hotel openings during the campaign, one of which is happening in Washington later Wednesday.
“Respectfully, Hillary Clinton has time to go to an Adele concert and everybody else thinks that’s really cool,” Conway said Wednesday on the NBC’s “Today.” “Donald Trump stops off to unveil an incredible, stunning piece of architecture and new hotel, first-class hotel and everybody’s hair is on fire.”

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