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Choosing the best survival gun for your prepping plans

When the brown stuff hits the fan which gun would you grab if your survival depends on it? Making the right choice seems easy for some and many will argue that a .22 rifle or the AR-15 is the best survival gun out there. Unfortunately, things are never easy when one needs to pick the best survival gun available on the market and the choices you have are affected by multiple considerations.

While many survivalists recommend sticking with the survival gun you’re most familiar with, during survival scenarios your weapon of choice may fail you. You may shoot well with your everyday carry, but things may change drastically if you have to shoot a deer that is 100 yards away or more.

No matter how much you will argue about picking a single gun for your entire prepping plan, the truth is that no gun is suited for all survival situations. Your AR-15 can be configured in an infinite number of ways and the parts are readily available, it offers more fire power and high capacity than other guns, but you can’t conceal it properly if you think about it.

Before you make a choice and decide that a certain firearm is worthy of being the best survival gun for you, it’s better to look at the pros of cons of each type of guns.

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