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Use survival gear to help you hunt

I was hunting with a friend last fall and gave him some bad intel about an area that was new to him but I knew well (or so I thought).

“Walk in that direction for a while and you will come to an old fire road. We will meet there,” I told him as we separated.

The road was much closer than I expected, and he walked past it assuming he needed to go farther. He would have soon figured it out and returned, but I decided to use an “emergency” signal whistle to get his attention.

After a few shrill whistles, he came into view. “What’s up?” He asked.

This wasn’t close to an emergency situation. At worst, it meant we would have spent a little longer than expected tracking each other down, but it was a reminder you don’t have to wait for a life-and-death situation to use your survival gear.

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