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Travel Bug Out Bags: Your Lifeline out on the Road When Disaster Strikes

You’re hundreds of miles from home, enjoying a weekend of relaxation when all of a sudden disaster strikes; you’re stuck in a new area, with people you don’t know, and you have no way to get home; what do you do?

Well if you’re like most people you’ve probably never even considered the possibility. While I know many of the people who follow this site have a plan in place for while they are at home, not many people plan for disasters and crisis situations while away on vacation. If you travel a lot or are planning any future trips, you need to have a plan in place.

If disaster strikes while you’re away, your survival will likely depend on your pre-trip planning and the supplies you have with you when trouble strikes.

While some people might consider this overkill, reasoning that they are going on vacation to get away from their worries, a little bit of planning could save you a whole lot of misery should the worst happen while you’re away from home.

The first you need to do is research the area you’re going to.

  • Research what types of disasters are most common in that area.
  • Find out what areas of town have the most problems, the highest crime rates, and have potential hot spots for trouble during a crisis.
  • Put together a list of emergency services, hospitals, embassies if you’re overseas, safe zones, and a well thought out list of evacuation routes.

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