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Hunting Gear Survival Kit Tip

Greeley, CO -( Before you take off into the woods to hunt, make sure you have the right gear on hand to fix any emergencies that might crop up with your gear.

You can make a simple survival kit for your gun and optics that doesn’t weigh much, yet will keep you out of a jam.

Here’s what you need for a easy and useful Hunting Gear Survival Kit:

  1. Electrical Tape: Cover your muzzle with electrical tape to keep debris out of your barrel. It won’t affect your accuracy at all.
  2. Pocket Bit Driver: Bring along a short driver handle and a selection of ¼-inch bits for all the screws and fasteners on your rifle and scope.
  3. Micro-fiber cloth: To clean rain, mud, snow or dust from your optics, carry a couple micro-fiber clothes. You can’t hit what you can’t see.

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