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Clinton Hid Past Health Problems From Public, Former White House Doctor Says

Secrecy is not a stranger when it comes to Hillary Clinton’s health issues, the Democratic presidential candidate’s former doctor maintains.

Dr. Connie Mariano, who as a Navy captain was the White House physician in the administration of former President Bill Clinton and later retired from the service as a rear admiral, said that in 1998, Clinton allowed her staff and the general public to think that issues she had with her right leg were due to a pulled muscle and not a blood clot.

Mariano wrote a memoir of her time at the White House entitled The White House Doctor: My Patients Were Presidents.

According to her account, after examining Clinton’s leg, she insisted that the first lady go to Bethesda Naval Hospital for an ultrasound.

When Mariano’s diagnosis of a blood clot was confirmed, Clinton did not want to remain in the hospital, but was treated as an outpatient by taking blood-thinning drugs.

“Hillary was back on the campaign trail within days … very few people knew of Hillary’s blood clot at the time; she wrote about it after she left the White House,” the book said.

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