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7 Paper Products We All Need To Store For Survival

I highly recommend these 7 paper products we all need to store for survival. It’s an updated reminder to all of us to be prepared for the unexpected. I also have 32 white plates (not shown) that I could use and wash if I need to serve the biggest breakfast out in my front yard after a disaster. But then I would need to boil water and wash them. Water could be in short supply so I want paper and plastic items stored. I would store your paper products in one location so you can keep it well supplied and be able to inventory what you have on hand more easily. You might find you need some spoons, more forks or knives. I keep mine in zippered quilt bags in my garage to protect them from the dust we have here in Southern Utah.

Here’s the deal, I realize we can reuse some of the paper products if we have to, but if a disease breaks out I want as many clean unused items that I can afford to buy. I have a very small home, but paper plates, cups, and plastic silverware will not take up a lot of room, thank goodness. Whenever you have a little extra money add some of these to your stash.

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