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What Foods Can You Not Dehydrate?

“Have you ever wondered if you could dehydrate something as wonderful as avocados? I have. I love them, and they have such a short lifespan, and I want to preserve their awesomeness…but can I actually dehydrate them? As with every food preservation safety list, there are foods you should, foods you might not want to, and foods you shouldn’t preserve.

We’ll talk about those methods as they pertain to dehydrating here, so you have a good understanding about the dehydration process. And even though a food may show up on my do not dehydrate list, it doesn’t meant that it can’t be dehydrated, but that the time, effort, and long-term storage options are not worth doing it if you’re looking to build a PREPared pantry. One time shots for the fun of it are a completely different idea.”

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