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Survival expo teaches readiness

Jay Blevins, an author, speaker and founder of Survival and Emergency Preparedness Skills, travels around the country once or twice a month speaking at survival expos and related events.

The Washington, D.C., area resident, a former law enforcement officer, said the number of events and the interest in them is “definitely growing.”

“People look around and see all they can’t control. There’s uncertainty in politics, uncertainty with terrorists and uncertainty with the economy,” he said shortly before giving a presentation at the Indiana Prepare to Survive Expo, held Saturday at the Expo Center.

“They look at those things and think, ‘Well, how can I prepare?'” he said, adding his presentation focuses on real-life scenarios, which in Indiana means tornadoes or drought for farmers. “We’re talking about things that are practical, not the zombie apocalypse, but things that really happen.”


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