Be prepared for anything with these 5 survival tools

So what do folks in the business of survival tools carry on a daily basis? US Army veteran, and now Gerber Gear Marketing Director, Andrew Gritzbaugh, visited FOX Firepower to share what he personally brings with him everywhere he goes.

Here are five things that will integrate into regular business attire seamlessly – and will give you military-grade survival tools so that you can be equipped if a crisis hits.

Tactical flashlight: the Cortex Compact

Gritzbaugh’s first piece of advice is a “small, tactical light with multiple battery options – you never know when you’ll end up in a dark street or power outage.”

During his visit in the studio, Gritzbaugh pulled the Cortex Compact he carries daily out of his pocket.

Tactical flashlights can provide powerful and critical light during the darkness that plagues some emergencies— but the light can also act as a defensive tool. The Cortex, for example, provides 125 lumens of output when charged with the CR123 battery. That kind of light is enough so if you are under attack you can momentarily blind an aggressor’s night-adapted vision.

The Cortex Compact was designed for tactical professionals like police officers who need an everyday carry light. It is coated in black for low visual signature – which is tactical talk for keeping its big-time capability discreet.

Available for $94.00.


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