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15 Survival Skills Everyone Needs To Know

You’re stranded in the woods, your phone is dead, your GPS is not working and your compass is broken. There is much to do – find shelter to stay dry, start a fire to keep warm, and hide food sobears won’t come. But you don’t have time for all of that because the sun is setting and soon you won’t be able to see anything. How are you going to get be safe?

“Regarding wildlife as a threat, it really depends on where you are in the world and anything frombig cats in Africa, bears in the U.S. to fur seals in Antarctica,” says Scott Heffield, Bear Gryllls Survival School resident expert, who has been on shows such as ITV’s Mission Survive. “They can become a major issue, particularly if they have a young nearby.” Get out of the sun, wind and rain.

People should be aware of other methods and tricks they can apply to stay out of danger in a dire situation over which they have no control. All they can do is act smart and adapt quickly.

While you should always let friends or family know where you’re going, familiarize yourself with what you can do while waiting for help. Depending on your location, a helicopter rescue may not be possible, which means the aid may take longer to come to you.

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